Why take out a home loan now?

The number of borrowings is also increasing significantly compared to last year. The leap in real estate financing is indeed quite striking.

But do people really think that it is worth buying a home now? We think this is a really good time to move into the home of our dreams, or even to get an apartment for investment purposes. We’ll show you the reasons.

Low interest rate environment

For about two years now, the central bank base rate has been at a record low of 0.9% . This also means that mortgage rates are lower than, say, 5-6 years ago. This in itself is a good reason to buy our apartment now.

Not to mention, if we manage to fix this low interest rate over a relatively long period of time, we can do very well. Simply put, choose the highest interest period.

Priority State aid

Priority State aid

First place is the Family Home Discount . We can get a minimum of 600 thousand HUF and a maximum of 10 million HUF as non-refundable state aid. It just depends on the property we buy / build and the number of children we have.

And of course, we can’t forget about home savings . 30% state aid is a very attractive option. What’s more, this apartment is not only self-sufficient to save money , but also to make your loan cheaper.

The Qualified Consumer Friendly Loan, although not so explicitly state-subsidized, is also significantly cheaper than average market loans. Hundreds of hundreds of thousands can stay in your pocket with such a credit facility.

Do not rush!


It is true that we are in a very good time to take out a home loan, but do not hesitate to do so! Pay attention to the differences between loans! Even today, it can cost you millions of dollars if you use a loan calculator and pay attention to some useful tips.

We also write these articles to help you as much as possible. Previously, we calculated that you could save almost $ 4.5 million on your credit.

Contact us to help with your home purchase with even more unique ideas! You see, we will be efficient and fast, you can only win with us.

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