Payday loan | Now even faster for credit

We have the right solution for your loan needs, if the payment of the loan amount should be faster.

With our payday loan, you can have the desired amount within 24 hours if your loan application is approved. Your request is in any case free of charge and without obligation.

Payday loan: We realize your wish – unbureaucratic, fast, serious

Payday loan: We realize your wish - unbureaucratic, fast, serious

Anyone approaching their house bank with a credit request usually has to wait until a loan approval has been received. Depending on the bank and loan amount, it can take from several days to several weeks for the money to be disbursed. This waiting time can be significantly reduced thanks to our payday loan with immediate payment. So sometimes it’s just about having financial resources ready in no time.

Whether a financial bottleneck is to be bridged, an acquisition does not require any delay or should be invested in a spontaneous holiday trip, with us you get exactly the payday loan that suits your individual wishes. Even with negative credit bureau our hands are not tied, because here too there are possibilities that we know how to use. Make your loan request now, for free, without obligation and discreetly.

We offer our customers the following credit options:

  • payday loans up to 100,000 euros
  • You get the cheapest loan offer of up to 20 banks. Our credit experts will gladly advise you and help you find the right financing partner.

  • Additional credit up to 50,000 euros
  • A loan in parallel with already existing debt or a favorable rescheduling. We are happy to help!

  • Credit for pensioners and civil servants
  • Loans for pensioners or civil servants are possible with us also without age restriction.

  • Loans in difficult cases
  • Loans without credit bureau are possible up to a maximum loan amount of 7,500 euros.

Simply quicker to credit – That’s how it works!

Simply quicker to credit - That

What exactly is a payday loan?

What exactly is a payday loan?

A payday loan is an installment loan that, thanks to standardized procedures, has a short processing time.

So the name of this loan form is program: If the examination of the loan application leads to a positive result, does not pass until the disbursement more than 24 hours. In principle, the following conditions for lending must be met:

The most important requirements:

The most important requirements:

  • Of age – minimum age 18 years
  • Main residence as well as bank account in Germany
  • At least € 1,300 net income per month
  • Regular, permanent employment or fixed income (employees, civil servants and pensioners)

If all requirements are met, you will receive a non-binding loan offer within a few hours.

Money without use!

A payday loan is possible up to a height of 100,000 euros and does not require an indication of a purpose. With this form of credit, our clients enjoy absolute freedom for what they want to use the money for. You dream of a new kitchen? You intend to replace old small loans with unfavorable interest rate? You are planning to move to a larger apartment and have to pay for new purchases? Whatever you want, the payday loan is not tied to any fixed use.

Special repayment is no problem

Although the payday loan – regardless of the loan amount – is a installment loan with a term of 12 – 120 months, special repayments are possible. If your revenue situation changes, for example as a result of a salary increase and you want to reduce your liabilities prematurely, this option is open to you. Let your credit request now check directly. Since the loan request is free and non-binding, you do not take any risks. In addition, you get the best loan offer, as we cooperate with more than 20 small and large partner banks.

payday loan Interest Example – 17.03.2018 3000, – Euro fast loan with 100% payout

Credit term in months Monthly rate for 3000 euros effective interest rate * (as of 30.04.2018)
72 months 48.24 EUR 5.06% *
48 months 69.23 EUR 5.23% *
36 months 90.27 EUR 5.39% *
24 Months 132.39 EUR 5.72% *
12 months 258.84 EUR 6.66% *

* effective annual interest, non-binding sample calculations

What advantages does a payday loan offer you?

What advantages does a payday loan offer you?

One of the big advantages of using online credits is the unbureaucratic, rapid processing that we use to ensure that our customers have the liquidity they need almost immediately – and at a much lower cost than using a discretionary credit provided by the current account. Although the overdraft of the account offers some room for maneuver, it takes its revenge with hefty interest rates, so that this approach can ultimately prove to be a cost trap.

With a payday loan, which can be paid out within one business day after approval by the lending bank, you can take a simple and cost-effective route. Thanks to the freedom of use of the loan, you also enjoy greater discretion, unlike a consumer loan that is tied to a specific purpose.

Reach up to 20 banks with just one request!

Reach up to 20 banks with just one request!

Application for the payday loan – five steps to the desired amount

Application for the payday loan - five steps to the desired amount

1 credit request

You can submit a free and non-binding loan request via our online form. Enter your personal data such as name, current address, occupation and duration of employment as well as monthly income. Now select the desired loan amount. The entire process usually takes no longer than five minutes.

Your data is safe with us. So we use these exclusively for the processing of credit brokerage and do not pass them on to third parties. In addition, our online form is protected with certified SSL encryption, which prevents third-party access to your data. We guarantee our customers a discreet and reputable credit brokerage – for 45 years now.

2 quoting

Our credit experts research the financial market and compare the terms of more than 20 small and large banks. In this way, we ensure that we find the right financing partner for your credit concern. On the same day, you will receive a loan offer for the desired loan amount, which is free and non-binding for you.

3 Submit loan documents

If you are satisfied with the loan offer, all you need to do is sign the loan agreement and return it to the specified address along with all the necessary documents, such as your current payroll for the past three months.

4 Audit by the bank

The bank now compares your documents with the loan agreement and checks whether it can agree to lending. As soon as the lending bank gives the green light, the loan amount is paid out immediately.

5 loan disbursement

The agreed loan amount will be transferred in full to the checking account you specified in the loan agreement. You can dispose of the money within 24 hours of the credit approval from the bank.

Payday loan without credit bureau

Payday loan without credit bureau

If you would like a payday loan without credit bureau information, we have a package deal with three possible loan amounts and a fixed term of 40 months for you, ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 to a maximum of 7,500 euros. The lender is a private bank headquartered in Liechtenstein. This gives you the advantage that your credit will not adversely affect your credit bureau value and your credit rating.

From many years of experience, we know that borrowing even with slightly negative credit bureau characteristics does not have to be doomed to failure from the outset. Who gets a credit cancellation from his house bank, this should not be interpreted as the ultimate verdict. Our credit experts look in our bank pool for a suitable financing partner for your loan request and make every effort to find an adequate solution. So an unfavorable rating of the credit bureau is in many cases only a small stumbling block, which we like to clear for you out of the way.

Is a loan request always free and non-binding?

Is a loan request always free and non-binding?

Our answer: a clear and unequivocal yes. This not only applies to the loan request, but also to the loan offer we obtain from one of our partner banks based on your information. Both are and remain free for our customers and without obligation.

Fairness and transparency form the core of our corporate philosophy. For this reason, we do not charge any costs even if you reject a loan application. The same applies to the situation when, in your opinion, you should change a loan commitment and you do not want to take out a loan. We understand the fact that not all providers operate in this way and expressly distance ourselves from such business practices.

Your credit concerns – in good hands with us

Your credit concerns - in good hands with us

We have been successfully represented on the market for 45 years. Professionalism and seriousness are among the maxims of our entrepreneurial actions.

We use our know-how and our experience that you get the payday loan that reflects your individual wishes.

Your advantage with us: A free and non-binding loan request is not associated with any risk, so you can only win. More than 100,000 paid loans and just as many satisfied customers speak for the quality of our service. Benefit from our expertise and apply for a payday loan today: convince yourself that we keep what we promise.

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