Loan Calculator Slightly Different

Although the most common way to use a credit calculator is to make almost no changes to the amount, it is good to know that it has many other features and that you can extract a lot of interesting data from it. These will be presented in the following article.

The settings

It is important to look at what kind of credit you are borrowing from the beginning. Mostly not, but there are areas where there is a real difference between loan repayment installments. In the case of a home purchase, the monthly repayment is available for HUF 78,466 over a period of 20 years, and the same amount for HUF 79,924 for the same term. In fact, the difference is not terrible, but it is.

It is also interesting that the loan calculator knows that if we adjust the loan amount, it will adjust the value of the property accordingly. This should be understood as the minimum value. This shows that we currently have a minimum equity of 20%.

Interpret the result obtained!

Although it is perfectly understandable to look at the monthly installment immediately. The interest period is immediately below the banks logo. Why pay attention to the interest period? Because this is the period during which the loan installment will not change.

This is very important as one loan may be cheaper for 3 months for 3 thousand forints, but after 9 months for another 5 to 6 thousand for a possible interest rate increase, it is already obvious that the initial cheapest loan is not really the best for us .

It is also worth paying attention to the benefits of a loan


We find this on the right. There may be many such things as notary fees, reimbursement of valuation costs, or even a reduction in interest or money.

If we examine them together, we will only find the ideal loan structure for us. If this is your goal, please contact us after your loan calculation! Our experts will help you to choose the best option financially. Plus, they’ll suggest some tricks to make cheap loans even cheaper.

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